These mold spores are not good for human beings. These spores will lead to health effects such as asthma, allergies and lungs problem. Spores usually need the two basic things. First one is the source of moisture and second one is the source to feed. Your home may be the best place for them to host on.

If there found any leakage in the pipe, moisturized areas, flooded bathroom, flooded basement and other materials that have moisture, then these will be the best place of spores for settled in your home. They are having the capacity of feeding on the wooden materials, carpets, fabric materials and other materials in your home. The time taken by the spores to form a new colony is less than a day. In the world, there are nearly 100,000 kinds of molds. When inhaled by the human beings, these spores will cause problems such as chronic allergies, rashes in the skin, irritation in throat and eyes, wheezing, headaches and other problems in respiration. Black mold is considered to be a dangerous one since it contains a toxin called mycotoxins. This kind of mold will cause bleed in nose, asthma, chest pains and blistering in the skin.

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